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All-access Patron. Full Story Access. Or somewhere else, as I try to keep my username the same. I don't write for the money, however, I just enjoy it. That said, money is currently tight in my life. It hasn't directly interfered with my hobbies yet beyond anxiety, but I can't say what the future will be on my end.

I will never hold my fanfiction as hostage for donations. Anything original I may post on here will be decided on later. For now, however, I will be posting previews of fic updates for patrons only. These previews will normally be about a words each and will come out every one to two weeks. Donate or not, I hope you all enjoy my work somewhere.

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patreon fanfiction reddit

Select a membership level. Settle in by the campfire with an invite to the Siren's Domain Discord channel! Always seeking to break the rules, somehow you've managed to sneak peaks at upcoming naughty content!

Receive occasional early sneak peaks at upcoming NSFW scenes! In charge of a bunch of rowdy campers, it's your mission to make sure each build of Zombie's Retreat is a functional one! Or to just play it a little early Receive an early copy of each new build at least 3 days early! Show more. Hey guys! Welcome to my Domain! A: Nope! Q: Is there a Mac version? A: A Mac version will likely not be possible to test until Zombie's Retreat is completed but when it is, I will try my best to make a Mac version available to play.

Q: Why is Zombie's Retreat on another Patreon page? A: I made the decision to keep them on separate pages to help cleanly separate news updates. Because both games are free to play in their current state, it feels like the best choice since not everyone is a fan of both games.

With a larger budget, I'll be able to keep a steady stream of new commissions going! Expect a few more scenes, animations, and CG art on average with each new build!

Become a patron to Recent posts by Siren's Domain. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.You will also be able to vote in polls for which video should come next.

Not every video, but every so often. It'll be little bonus bits, to say that I appreciate it. I may even email you some topless photos of Tommy Bowe to really show my thanks. Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Fantasy Folau Fan Fiction. Are you hungry for some overarching Israel Folau slashfiction? A chance to finally read about the kind of thing I imagine Australia's homosexual superstar fullback gets up to?

Bonus Videos. Extra, bonus little videos. Top Five countdowns, fully-formed versions of the caption conversations from the main videos, bonus bits left on the cutting room floor, little self-contained joke videos. That kind of thing. A Very Low Level of Fame. The more you donate, the more effort I'll put in to your little bit.

Sounds like a fair trade to me. Show more. Growing up, I had but a small number of dreams. However, once I got over the reoccurring nightmare in which I lost my teddy bear whilst stark-naked in a department store, I was left with the same dream as every other little boy unfortunate enough to be born of Principality blood.

I wanted to play international rugby for Wales. Two things stopped me achieving this. However, with time, reflection, and one game at fly-half, I think everyone came to recognise we were all wrong. My best position, without a shadow of a doubt, was spectator. The other factor preventing me from ever playing for Wales was that I was shit at rugby. Earlier this year, I decided to put that skillset to use and embrace my true position. In January, I launched Squidge Rugby. My goal was to create the kind of rugby content I wanted to see myself.

Things that were funny, but also insightful and well-informed. A sense of style, but still with substance. However, making these videos is very time consuming. I start off by researching the topic. I read up on it, I watch matches back Often multiple timesI work out how to crowbar in a mention of Alun Wyn Jones. Then I have to actually edit the video. I spend somewhere around an hour and a half on every minute you see on-screenon top of the time already put in. As I write this, I have not received a penny in exchange for any of this.Are you 18 years of age or older?

You're helping support my content and helping me take photos. Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Thank you so much!! Eeeeek thank you so muchhh! All especially for you. Please read through this page before you decide to pledge. I do not add usernames that are posted on the community Please directly message me your username DM I change my snapchat username monthly, please message me your username at the start of each month if you are still a subscriber. I love painting, drawing, ice-skating and just being creative and designing things!

So thank you so much for helping me achieve this dream. There is a no refund policy, please take this into consideration when purchasing a tier. Adding to my snapchat can take between days at the start of the month, so please send it early. If it's later in the month it's usually within days. Last but not least, I hope you enjoy my content. If you want to support me and subscribe to my Patreon, helping me create and do more for you - check out the tiers to the side!

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Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.The first is of Alyssa in Paragon armour! Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Terran Marine. You'll get early access to each chapter, fresh off the keyboard!

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Dear Tumblr, School Shooters Aren't Cute

Trankaran Shock Trooper. I have started commissioning artwork for characters from the story! This tier also includes all the benefits from the first tier. Includes Early access to each chapter Join the patron community Patron-only content Commissioned artwork of characters from the story.

patreon fanfiction reddit

Cyborg assassin. This tier includes all the benefits from the previous tiers. Take a look at my latest status posts to find out what I'm working on at the moment. I've rewritten them to improve punctuation and grammar, expanded scenes and added some new ones.

patreon fanfiction reddit

I hope you enjoy it! Tefler There are lots of active discussions about the story in the Patron-only section of this site, as well as lengthy speculation about the plot and tech on the Literotica comments section after each chapter. If I reach this amount per chapter, I'll quit my job, and write full time.

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As a Gold Tryceratops, you get A shoutout in the YT description of every Try Guys video each month after completion of 3 months as long as you remain a patron at this tier. All previous rewards.

Diamond Tryceratops. When we get our first tryceratops, Keith will read off the name of every member in a livestream. Become a patron to Recent posts by The Try Guys.Another September 1st, Hermione Granger thought, standing in front of a compartment of the Hogwarts Express. She was wearing her school robe already, the one for the students up to and including 5th year.

Black, conservatively cut - even for muggles - and sporting a badge on her heart with the colors of Gryffindor, her house at school. The robe looked mundane, but it was heavily charmed, actually floating mere millimeters above her skin and kept at 22 degrees Celsius no matter the actual temperature around her. The fabric was resistant to wear and tear, and repelled most fluids as well. Hermione doubted any other 4th year student could have cast such spells, much less enchanted a robe, but her pride in her work was muted by the need to hide her achievements.

It would not do for a muggleborn, much less a true muggleborn, to show up the pureblood students. Even or especially those wearing robes bought and charmed at Madam Malkin's. They wouldn't do anything overtly, of course, but she had enough enemies already. Making more out of pride would be a mistake she wouldn't repeat. The young witch reached up to touch her necklace.

Or more precisely, her torc. Celtic style, pure gold, enchanted of course, showing the Potter crest on one of the pendants between her collarbones, indicating her status as a retainer of the Head of the Potter Family. Which consisted currently, and for the foreseeable future, of herself, and her Patron, Harry Potter. An orphaned boy and a muggleborn girl. No home, ancestral or otherwise. No real estate. No fortune - after buying that torc in their first year Harry had just a bit more than needed to cover his and her remaining education at Hogwarts.

And no pureblood ancestry dating back to the Founders. The first had been achieved by Harry alone. Defeating the worst Dark Lord Wizarding Britain had seen in a long time as a toddler had earned him that title as well as the approval of the Wizengamot for his posthumous adoption by his father, James Potter.

If not for that Harry would have legally been the muggleborn Harry Evans. The second title though… that should have been hers as well.

Hermione scoffed. Would have, if not for the circumstances of her birth. Students passed her, most of them nodding at her, receiving a nod in return. Some ignored her, of course.

patreon fanfiction reddit

Most of those were wearing the green colors of House Slytherin. Beatrice Wells, Gryffindor 6th year, stopped and smiled. My family went to Spain, Barcelona. She was wearing the open robes of the 6th and 7th years over a shimmering red and black dress that seemed to slowly flow around her. Hermione recognized it from the display in Madam Malkin's she had seen on her last visit to Diagon Alley.

It was the least expensive of the dresses there, though by no means cheap. Simple and very modest, for Wizarding Britain - it covered her from neck to knees. Hermione had expected that, since Wells was another "true muggleborn", as those wizards and witches born to muggle parents were called.

One of only four currently at Hogwarts, including Hermione herself. The dresses, if one could call those elaborate magical constructs by such a normal word, some of the pureblood girls of the 6th and 7th years wore under their open robes would turn heads even in the most liberal muggle nightclubs or on the catwalk in Paris. We went to France again.

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