Kerala history project topics

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kerala history project topics

History History topics cover African history, economic history, cultural history, colonial history. International Relations International Relations topics cover foreign policy, trade relations, regional agreements. Peace and Conflict Peace and Conflict Studies topics cover war crimes, human rights, multilateral peackeeping.

kerala history project topics

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From Kerala history, we can expect 3 to 5 questions. Just go through the important events happened. This History PDF file is included main events, So you can save time other than simply by hearting a to z. PSC mostly used to ask several questions related to history, Renaissance in Kerala other than Indian history. Find Kerala history events yearly basis, we covered almost all the important event that the part of Kerala history.

kerala history project topics

You can also download PDF below. Krishna Pillai and Sri. Nampoothiripad jointly formed the Communist Party in Malabar.

kerala history project topics

Pattom Thanu Pillai as Chief Minister. John assumes charge. The first Communist Ministry headed by Sri.

Sankaran Nampoothiripad assumes power. Padma Ramachandran becomes the first woman to be appointed as the Chief Secretary of Kerala. Download the copy file of Kerala history timeline below. Simply click on download button to complete the process. If you have any doubts or feedback please let us know through comments.

Thomas Mission to Kerala 68 — Jews migrated to Kerala. The rise of the Leftists and Rightists. Giri appointed Governor of Kerala. Sankara Kurup. Kozhikode university established. Sri C. Achutha Menon sworn in as Chief Minister. Death of Sri Pattom Thanu Pillai. Krishna Menon. Formation of Wayanad District.

Pottekkad wins the Jnanapith award for his work Oru Desathinte Katha. Narayanan becomes the President of India. First Chief Minister of Kerala passes away.Scholars - I Phd. Scholars - II Phd. Scholars - III Phd. Scholars - IV Phd. Scholars - V Phd. Scholars - VI Phd. Scholars - VII Phd. Scholars - IX Phd. Scholars - X Phd. D Enrollment. Home Research Projects. Thursday, 21 February UGC "Investigation of the jumb phenomenon observed in the catalysis of gasification of cellulosic chars" under Dr.

Kannan, Department of Chemistry. Gokuldas, Department of Chemistry. Narrendran, Professor Retd. Thanuja A. Mathew, Research Scholar, Department of Zoology. Madhusoodanan, Department of Botany.

MoEF Taxonomy capacity building project under Dr. MoEF Chair in taxonomy under Dr. Sivadasan, Department of Botany.

KAS Sample Class - Kerala History - Sangam Age - KAS Mentor

Sabu, Department of Botany. John E. Thoppil, Department of Botany. Manju C. Nirmala, Department of Russian. Muhammed, Department of Arabic. DST "Ecosystem Dynamics of a humid tropics watershed before and after water sources and biomass interventions" under Dr. Nabeesa Salim, Department of Botany. Narendran, Professor Retd. KSCSTE "Studies on substituted traizine and traizole derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel, copper, brass and aluminium in acid solutions" under the Principal Investigatorship of Dr.

Abraham Joseph, Reader, Department of Chemistry. Kuttikrishnan, Head of the Department of Economics, Dr. John Matthai Centre, Aranattukara.Later these Middle-East groups were joined by Arabs and Phoenicians. And gradually Muziris in Kodungallur entered into the cartography of World trade map. Then onwards Muziris holds the key to a good chunk of Kerala's ancient history now the ancient trade route. Muziris was a port city, among the earliest of its kind in the world. Spice City to the ancient reporters, Muziris was also known as Murachipattanam.

In Ramayana, Murachipattanam is the place where Sugreeva's one of the Monkey King sleuths scurried through while looking for the abducted Sita. When Kerala established itself as a major center for spice, it was the ancient port of Muziris that emerged as its hub. Sangam literature describes Roman ships coming to Muziris laden with gold to be exchanged for pepper. According to the first century annals of Pliny, the Elder and the author of Periplus of the Erythrean Sea, Muziris could be reached in 14 days' time from the Red Sea ports in Egyptian coast purely depending on the monsoon winds.

However, tragedy struck inwhen the profile of the water bodies in the Periyar River basin on the Malabar Coast underwent a major transformation - and Muziris dropped off the map due to flood and earthquake.

However, the remnants of the port and its erstwhile glory still remain as reminders of an eventful past. They are being conserved and preserved for future generations through one of India's largest conservation projects - the Muziris Heritage Project. Supplementing the Muziris heritage sites are 21 museums and other landmarks that aim to educate people about years of Kerala history. The Muziris Heritage Project is one of the biggest conservation projects in India, where the state and the central governments have come together to conserve a rich culture that is as old as years or more.

This region forms a part of the heritage tourism circuit between North Paravur in Ernakulam and Kodungallur in Thrissur. Shrines, forts, palaces, seminaries, cemeteries, boatyards and markets spread over the municipality of North Paravur to the municipality of Kodungallur will be preserved accordingly. Various performing arts that represent the non-physical aspect of the Muziris region are also under the process of conservation.

History of Kerala

In the initial phase of the project, four of the 27 museums have been opened to the public- the Paliam Nalukettu, Paliam Dutch Palace, the Chendamangalam Jewish synagogue and the Paravur Jewish synagogue. Two archaeological sites, Pattanam and Kottappuram where archaeological excavations and explorations are being undertaken will also be in focus. Many artifacts of interest have been unearthed at various sites in North Paravur-Kodungallur region of Kerala, through excavations as part of the Muziris Heritage Project.

Utensils, clothes, coins, agricultural tools and inscriptions on plates or papyrus, along with folklore, tell us about the lives of the people of that time. Muziris has the distinction of having yielded a complete human skeleton for the first time in India, from the Kottappuram fort area.

Some of the items excavated here include Chinese coins, Chinese inscriptions, and pieces of decorated porcelain, West Arabian pottery pieces, iron nails, bullets, stone beads, 17th century Dutch coins and tiles.

These will eventually go into the museums to be set up. One of the first ever multi-disciplinary excavations undertaken by the Govt of Kerala, the main objective of these excavations was to identify an early historic urban settlement and the ancient Indo-Roman port of Muziris on the Malabar Coast.

The structures unearthed indicate the same and they suggest that the site was first occupied by the indigenous Iron Age people.

A large number of objects of Roman origin have been unearthed from the site. This serves as evidence to the extensive maritime contacts of this region during the early historic period. The excavation carried in Kottappuram area has unearthed a Portuguese Fort and numerous remnants of other past cultures. The Kottappuram fort, also known as Kodungallur fort was built in Chinese wares, red slipped ware other pottery artifacts and iron objects are also included in the list of Kottappuram findings.

Tracing back to the history of Muziris is not an easy task. Ancient literature provides some vital clues in this regard. Early Tamil literature known as Sangam Literature and the Greco-Roman accounts are clear in linking this port town with the early Cheras. Present Chendamangalam, in the Muziris heritage region, and the original name of which was Jayanthamangalam, named after the Pandyan King Jayanthan, supports the view that Pandyan sway extended up to Periyar in the 7th century AD.

The fact that 10 out of 13 important Vaishnavite temples of Malanadu were situated south of river Periyar in the 9th century indicates the Pandyan influence in the region during the time of Jatila Parantaka who claimed to be a Parama Vaishnava. Part of Malabar, south of Kerala, was under the sway of the Pandyans of Madura.Free project topics and materials PDF and DOC download with complete works for final year undergraduates and postgraduates research students.

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